You follow me I follow you


Dear artist friends:

I have a proposal to help in a small percentage the economic losses that we’ll suffer in the next months. This requires that at least 1,000 people join. The proposal: Each person involved must have or open a YouTube channel. The 1,000 involved must subscribe to each other’s channels so that each one can monetize their channel. (This means YouTube will pay you a small amount for each visit to your videos). Likewise, those 1,000 people should try to reproduce the videos of the others‘ channels and encourage others to get involved. Let’s call it #tumesiguesyotesigo or #YouFollowMeIFollowYou

I promise to follow all who follow me. If you are interested, share this publication or write your channel in the comments. Let’s make networks work for us now that we’re stuck with them all day.

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